IAREC Graduate Students Receive $22,000 in Scholarships

Stephen Onayemi is from Lagos, Nigeria, and a PhD candidate in the Entomology department at Washington State University Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser. Stephen’s research focuses on using mating disruption as an alternative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to reduce the abundance of grape mealybugs in vineyards to reduce virus transmission and thus improve grape harvests. He is also carrying out another research to understand how these insects have become resistant to insecticides to address possible insecticide failure. Stephen was awarded a Foundation Fund Scholarship.

Stephen received $8,000 from a Foundation Scholarship.

Bernie is heading into her last year of graduate school. She is incredibly grateful for the unwavering support she has received from the Washington Wine Industry Foundation throughout her academic journey. Her academic research revolved around plant-based alternatives for chemical applications in vineyards. She plans to remain in the Washington wine industry after graduate school. Bernie loves seeing the hard work during the growing season come to fruition at harvest. She is also passionate about sustainable farming practices and is excited to someday apply her research in vineyards throughout Washington State.

Bernie received $6,000 from the George and Susan Carter Memorial and Foundation Scholarship.

Pierre grew up in rural southwest France. He received a master of science in agriculture and in viticulture and enology. Pierre has worked in the wine industry since 2008. For years he worked as faculty in the Agriculture School in Angers, then in 2021 moved to Washington State. He completed his Ph.D. at WSU in Dr. Markus Keller’s lab focusing on the impact of the foliar application of urea on grape and wine composition. During his free time, Pierre likes to travel, cook, taste wine and spirits, hike, and workout.

Pierre received $8,000 from Horse Heaven Hills Wine Growers and Foundation Scholarship.

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