Prosser IAREC campus.

Prosser IAREC Headquarters

Campus Buildings

Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall

Administrative staff, faculty, and graduate students & USDA ARS researchers and staff.
Ag Tech Building.

Ag Tech Building

CPAAS faculty, staff, and visiting scholars.
Multipurpose Building

Multipurpose Building

Viticulture and food safety program faculty, graduate students, and staff.
West Building.

West Building

Clean Plant Center Northwest staff.
Rose Garden Conference Building

Rose Garden Conference Building

Conference rooms & PGSA gathering space.
Dorm Residence Building

Dorm Residence.

Graduate students and short-term visitors
Barbeque Pavillion.

Barbeque Pavillion.

Available for rent by the public
Rose Garden.

Rose Garden.

Harold E. Willmsen Memorial Garden

Street & Mailing Address

24106 North Bunn Road
Prosser, WA 99350