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Prosser Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

The Prosser Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a registered student organization that is led by Prosser IAREC graduate students and is open to all graduate students on campus. PGSA sponsors and supports academic events, workshops, and social activities for the benefit of the graduate student community at Prosser IAREC. For more information about WSU registered student organizations visit:

Proud PGSA Officers:


Bernadette Gagnier
Achyut Paudel
Evan Fritzke
Gajanan Kothawade
Academic Coordinator
Geraldine Diverres Naranjo
Social Coordinator








Michelle Moyer













2021 PGSA Officer Team:

President: Bernadette Gagnier
Vice-President: Achyut Paudel
Treasurer: Evan Fritzke
Academic Coordinator: Gajanan Kothawade
Social Coordinator: Geraldine Diverres Naranjo
Advisor: Michelle Moyer

Please check out the PGSA Calendar to see our upcoming events and local events in Prosser! For questions or suggestions email