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Dormitory Rules

Below are guidelines, fees and priorities for use and management of the Dormitory at IAREC. Rooms are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Please use the following procedure.


  1. Use of the Facility is a privilege, not a right – PLAN AHEADSpace is not guaranteed so please consider alternative housing options.
  2. Prospective tenants, or their IAREC contact person, must make arrangements by filling out a Dormitory Space Request/Agreement Form (.pdf)
  3. Assignment of space will be acknowledged with a copy of the finalized Dormitory Space Request/Agreement.
  4. The tenant or IAREC contact person is responsible for arranging key pick-up and check-in time with the Dormitory manager.
  5. The Dormitory Manager will complete the Space Request/Agreement with the tenant, and provide tenant with a copy of the WSU-IAREC Dormitory Regulations and Policies.
  6. A room is considered occupied for the duration of the tenant’s stay, regardless of their presence/absence, until the tenant discontinues residence in the facility.
  7. The room must be clean upon checking-out or a fee will be assessed.
  8. WSU – IAREC does not insure the personal property of dormitory tenants and is not responsible for theft or destruction of property.
  9. In the Dormitory, children, pets, smoking, and non-paying overnight visitors (e., non-tenants, visiting family, friends, or partners) are not allowed.
  10. Class or conference space requests should be submitted as soon as the need is known, and a rough idea of how many beds are known.


  1. The nightly fee per person is $15.00 for graduate students; and $30.00 for all other individuals, including faculty, post-doctoral personnel, classified and administrative/professional staff and visiting scientist, regardless of length of stay.
  2. A maintenance penalty fee will be charged when occupant negligence results in damage that must be repaired. The fee will be the cost of the service provided.  When the damage is to shared space (e.g., kitchen) the cost will be equally split by all occupants living in the facility at the time of the occurrence.  Failure to pay the fee will result in eviction from the facility.


Excessive noise, rude behavior, or lack of concern for other tenants’ privacy or sleep will not be tolerated. Please check with other tenants before making arrangements for dinner parties or activities that use the kitchen or dining room area. This facility will be closed if tenants do not cooperate in keeping it clean, quiet, and an enjoyable place to live. Tenants staying less than a week are to make a reasonable effort to maintain the facility as they found it and clean up after themselves.

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning duties will be shared by all tenants staying more than one week and will be delegated to tenants by the Dormitory Manager. A deadline for when cleaning chores need to be completed will be set. Lack of compliance or inferior work will result in eviction from the facility as determined by the Dorm Committee. A professional cleaning service will be retained to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire facility, paid by funds from Facility charges. This will occur twice a year.

Bathrooms (Each Use)

  1. Bathrooms are professionally cleaned by WSU staff each week, however, please be respectful of this shared space:
    • If you spill any water or products, please immediately clean them up.
    • If paper towels or toilet paper runs out between the weekly cleaning, please replace.

Hallways (Indoor and Outdoor) (Weekly)

  1. Vacuum, then damp mop with sponge mop and ‘Spic and Span.’
  2. Use ‘409’ cleaner on soiled or marked walls and doors.
  3. Wash windows in doors with ‘Windex’ (inside and outside).
  4. Sweep outside stairs to remove debris.


Kitchen (Weekly)

  1. Clean sink with ‘Soft Scrub’ cleanser and exhaust hood with ‘409’ using sponge or cleaning pad.
  2. Use ‘409’ cleaner on soiled or marked walls and doors.
  3. Stove top: replace foil covers under burners and clean top with cleanser.
  4. Clean refrigerator doors, tops and sides with ‘409’ cleaner and sponge. Clean interior as needed.
  5. Clean tops of washer/dryer with ‘409’ cleaner.
  6. Wash windows inside and outside with ‘Windex’ weekly.
  7. Dump garbage cans as needed.
  8. Clean cabinet doors and counter ends with ‘409’ cleaner weekly.
  9. Discard food that is not claimed / is owned by a current resident.