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Strategic Plan (2016)


We work together, using world-class science, to develop solutions and inspire communities to sustain agriculture.


WSU-IAREC creates integrated solutions and educates regional and global communities and future generations to advance economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable irrigated agriculture.


  • Achievement & Effectiveness
  • Diversity
  • Commitment
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Balance & Fun

Long Term Goals

Financial: We are effective stewards of funds.

Customer: We create innovations that help customers define and achieve their goals. We project competence, reliability, approachability, and honesty.

Public Value & Benefit: We provide unique research, education, and services that enhance the health and welfare of farming communities and improve regional and global irrigated agriculture and specialty crop production.

Internal Process: We are effective at communication and collaboration, use of time and resources. We are proactive, with clear and consistent guidelines. We have the ability to market our past achievements and future potential. We turn inputs into outcomes.

Learning & Growth: We have a shared sense of purpose guided by strategic planning. We encourage human resource development; reward achievement and hold people accountable for performance. We have the appropriate infrastructure and equipment (labs, housing, facilities, etc.).


Long Term Performance Measures


  • Distribution of annual operating budget reports to staff and faculty
  • Increase the number of durable publications, patents/disclosures, and other products per $
  • The maintenance or increase in the annual value of grants and gifts
  • Number of positive financial reviews/audits


  • Annual distribution of a report on center outputs
  • Improved customer feedback on the alignment of our programs to their priorities
  • Increase number of community members who visit the center
  • Increase in website utilization and hit-rate
  • Increase in the number of times invited to give presentations

Public Value & Benefit:

  • Number of offerings of effective extension and for-credit classes
  • Impacts of workshops, field days, trainings, webinars, etc.
  • Increase number of media exposures
  • Employment success rate of graduates
  • Participation levels on external boards, committees, and panels (both professional and civic)
  • Local business support and employment opportunities

Internal Process:

  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Reduction of process time; improvement of internal efficiencies
  • Increase internal awareness of programs

Learning & Growth:

  • Increase funds given for student housing
  • Achieve target number of professional development hours per year for faculty and staff
  • Increase number of professional development opportunities
  • Retention and attraction of talented staff and faculty
  • Increase employee engagement in the strategic planning process
  • Increase in graduate student programs and opportunities