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WSU Insider: Precision pruning can help machines safely, efficiently harvest apples

July 12, 2019
Partnering with scientists in horticulture and biological systems engineering at WSU and Pennsylvania State University, lead author Xin Zhang, a doctoral student at WSU’s Center…

CAHNRS News: Training helps Nepal plant scientists defend against viral disease

July 12, 2019
Helping scientists and farmers in Nepal, Naidu Rayapati, professor of plant pathology and director of the WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center, co-led a…

Good Fruit Grower: Don’t fight the physiology

May 23, 2019
From the diversity of systems favored by sweet cherry growers today, Washington State University horticulturist Matt Whiting predicts a return to simplicity, with two-dimensional systems…

Capital Press: Western Innovator: From Nepal to robotic pioneer

May 13, 2019
Some 30 years ago, he was a lad tending rice, sugarcane, goats and other crops on his family’s subsistence farm in the mid-hill region of…

WSU News: Moyer leads $4.75M effort to address mildew in grapes

May 8, 2019
As the grape growing season gets underway, Michelle Moyer, a WSU associate professor and Extension specialist, is leading a diverse and multi-disciplined team to address…

WSU Magazine: A partial history of Prosser IAREC

May 1, 2019
The early days of what is now the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) were bare bones. Until 1930, the station owned only a…

Western Farm Press: Upstart states push for precision viticulture

April 22, 2019
Washington State University’s (WSU) James Harbertson and Markus Keller are winding up four years of data collection that initially shows that hand-pruned vines varied more…

Good Fruit Grower: A window to the roots

April 17, 2019
A Washington State University scientist is using soil windows — rhizotrons — to track root growth and connect it to other factors such as soil…

Good Fruit Grower: Calcium deficiencies in fruit

April 4, 2019
Due to the numerous and complex functions of calcium as a nutrient, its distribution and concentration is highly regulated by internal mechanisms of the plant,…

Good Fruit Grower: Protecting fruit from cold with spray-on jackets

April 1, 2019
Washington State University researchers are studying how to use cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) to insulate sensitive trees and buds against the cold. So far, the stuff…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 96


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