Dairy Manure Management Workshop

Washington State University is providing an educational Dairy Manure Management Workshop for dairy farmers on December 12th, 2016 in Prosser, WA. The goal of the workshop is to discuss the best land application practices for improvement of soil health, alternative use of excess manure, and to demonstrate the national recognized nutrient management planning tool that is in compliance with state Extension and/or NRCS guidelines.


The registration is free and free lunch will be provided. The registration is at:  http://extension.wsu.edu/dairy-manure-management/

Clean Plant Center Coordinator (#121581)

The Coordinator is a key member of the nationally and internationally recognized Clean Plant Center Northwest (CPCNW), a program that performs virus testing and elimination for fruit trees, grapevines and hops. The CPCNW is located with the Washington State University Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA. This position facilitates complex administrative needs of the CPCNW, including: managing sales of plant material, data gathering and reporting, managing budgets, developing communication materials and websites, meeting logistics, and stakeholder communication. The successful candidate must be well organized, adept at handling widely diverse activities, and demonstrate keen attention to detail. The Coordinator will interact with the public and stakeholders, respond to customer inquiries, support grant development and management activities, and participate in trade shows. For more information, including the minimum/required qualifications, and to apply for this Coordinator position 121581 visit www.wsujobs.com.  To view the complete position description and duties, visit http://iarec.wsu.edu/jobs/ 


Position will close on January 8, 2017.


WSU is an EO/AA/ADA educator and employer.


Postdoc Research Associate (#118148)

Washington State University Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center is seeking a Postdoc Research Associate (position 118148)  that will work on identifying factors that mediate potato phenylpropanoid metabolism.  Duties include but not limited to: characterize how environment, development, sugars, tissue specificity and other key factors mediate phenylpropanoid expression in potatoes. Approaches will include metabolic engineering, RNAseq and LCMS metabolic profiling of transgenic plants or diverse native potato germplasm. Tuber phenylpropanoids influence appearance, flavor, and nutritional value, along with biotic and abiotic stress resistance. This is an opportunity to use basic research to address real world problems of importance to the potato industry. Applicant must have strong molecular and biochemistry background. Experience with gene expression analysis, stable or transient expression methods, RNAseq, large data set analysis and HPLC or LCMS a plus.  For more information, including minimum/required qualifications, and to apply visit www.wsujobs.comPosition will close on January 2, 2017.  WSU is an EO/AA/ADA Educator and employer.


December Holiday Reduced Operations

December Holiday Reduced Operations will be Monday, December 26, 2016 through Monday, January 2, 2017. This period includes three university holidays (December 26, December 27, and January 2). Most university operations and service will be unavailable during this time.

Areas should have staffing and operational plans in place for the reduced operations and begin to plan for the coming years. Information regarding the December Holiday Reduced Operations and the WSU Holiday Schedule is available on the Human Resource Services (HRS) Resources page.

As a reminder, WSU Prosser IAREC is closed from Monday December 26, 2016 to January 1, 2017.

IAREC Seminar Series – Joan Davenport

DAVENPORT_JOANJoin us on Wednesday, Nov 16th, for the next seminar in our IAREC Seminar Series. Dr. Joan Davenport will be presenting a seminar titled, “Phosphorus: From the Soil Scientist’s Perspective”.

Dr. Joan Davenport is a Professor of Soil Science in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Her research is designed to understand soil variability and how to manage water and nutrients for economically sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural production, with a primary emphasis on perennial fruit crops.



Phosphorus is one of three soil derived plant macronutrients. It plays a number of roles in the plant, including energy relations and as part of plant genetic material.  In the soil, inorganic phosphorus chemistry is highly complex and often limits the plant’s ability to access this nutrient.  Phosphorus (P) is also present in the soil in organic forms and in the past several decades has been discovered to behave very differently from our historic understanding of inorganic phosphorus.

Internationally, demand for P fertilizers has been increasing with time. However, inorganic mineral P resources are limited.  Animal waste byproducts (e.g., manures) are often high in P but behave very differently than mineral P sources.  This is further coupled with environmental concerns since, when over applied and/or mismanaged, off target movement of P can result in surface water eutrophication.

This presentation will provide a broad background about this plant macronutrient and discuss some of the opportunities and concerns for P management in agroecosystems.

Seminar Announcement

2015 IAREC Annual Report



Here is our 2015 IAREC Annual Report. It is the first of its kind; with one expected to follow for 2016. This report highlights the research, worldwide impact, and personnel at the WSU Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center. A hard copy can be requested by sending an email to prosser.iarec@wsu.edu. Please include your full mailing address.

A special thank you goes out for all the support we receive from our funding agencies, collaborators, and stakeholders.


WSU Prosser IAREC 2015 Graduates

WSU Prosser IAREC 2015 Graduates

Name Degree Advisor Department
Diana Zapata Masters Hoogenboom Biological Systems Engineering
Suraj Amata Ph.D. Karkee Biological Systems Engineering
Hossein Sadeghi Ph.D. Peters Biological Systems Engineering
Jason Stout Ph.D. Davenport Crop & Soil Sciences
Jennifer Trapp Ph.D. Miklas Crop & Soil Sciences
Oritsesaninormi Blessing Oraguzie Masters Miklas Crop & Soil Sciences
Herma Amalia Ph.D. Walsh Entomology
Natalie Boyle Ph.D. Walsh Entomology
Nathan Brugnone Masters Whiting Horticulture
Hui Yan Ph.D. Grove Plant Pathology
Leslie Holland Masters Grove Plant Pathology
Spencer Marshall Masters Rayapati Plant Pathology

WSU Prosser IAREC 2016 Graduates

WSU Prosser IAREC 2016 Graduates

Graduate Degree Advisor Department
Courtney Grula MS Doug Walsh Entomology
Eric Gale MS Michelle Moyer Horticulture
Jacqueline Gordon MS Matthew Whiting Horticulture
Joel Perez MS Markus Keller Horticulture
Spencer Marshall MS Naidu Rayapati Plant Pathology
Justin Ruiz MS Ag Joan Davenport Crop & Soil Sciences
Patrick Scharf MS Ag Manoj Karkee Biological Systems Eng
Bhanu Priya Donda PhD Naidu Rayapati Plant Pathology
Golnaz Badr PhD Gerrit Hoogenboom Biological Systems Eng
Jeff Bullock PhD Ken Eastwell Plant Pathology
Josephine Mgbechi-Ezeri PhD Nnadozie Oraguzie Horticulture
Yunxiang Ye PhD Qin Zhang Biological Systems Eng
Nadia Valverdi MS Matthew Whiting Horticulture


Feb 15, 2017 Quarterly Staff Meeting

Staff, students, and postdoctoral researchers…

Join us on Wednesday, February 15th for the next quarterly staff meeting. We will be presenting longevity awards, discussing upcoming events, and watching a safety video. Maximum participation is encouraged!

Where: Hamilton Hall Large Conference Room

When: Wed, Feb 15th @ 9:00am

Hope to see you all there!